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We have provided Castrol with many Giveaways and ideas over the time that we have been working together. Ranging from simple giveaways, uniforms or even custom-made giveaways.


Summer of 2018. We have organized a two-part activation for Castrol. The first part of the activation was located @ Alamain Toll Gates. During the activation we used a team of ushers dressed in a custom-made Castrol uniform and they handed passing cars different giveaways and flyers. As for the second part of the activation we were based at TAQA Petrol station for the period of one month. The results were outstanding.


We have arranged and managed two different Lube Camps for Castrol. We were responsible of managing and handling every aspect of the event (Logistics, Reservation, Branding, Team Building Activities, Photography & Video Montage). We also managed a Board of Directors meeting, in which we have handled the logistics and catering and venue.


We handled different kinds of branding for Castrol. Whether it was for giveaways, cars (car wrapping) or shops and warehouses.


We provided all the offset printing materials for Castrol during different campaigns, also we have produced the Oil Racks that are being used through out different retail shops across Egypt. We also were responsible in creating and producing the retail shops side sign that is used now in all retail shops that carry Castrol products.